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Neuro- Alchemy Flow – Live Personal EEG Neurofeedback

16. maj kl. 9:00 - 17. maj kl. 17:00

EEG Mind Morror Training Sessions


So honored to have this amazing couple to Denmark. I experienced Gary and Donna in England in 2013 during at the first Matrix Reimprinting convention – and it was a stunning experience to follow the results during a Matrix Reimmprinting session, and we all wanted to learn so much more. So Gary and Donna offered a 2 days workshop afterwards.

Today I can offer you to join one of these amazing workshops in Denmark  Sorø – a possibility for you to grow in so many ways.

The price for this workshop 3.000 Danish kroner.

Contact me for further information.

Neuro-Alchemy Flow
Gary Groesbeck, BCIAC and Donna Bach, ND
Certified Neurofeedback Brain and HRV Heart Trainers
Live Personal EEG Neurofeedback

Monitoring the five frequencies of real-time brainwaves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma) all being measured
concurrently during the EEG Mind Mirror training sessions, will give you insights into how your brain works and
practical tools to train your brain to operate efficiently. While experiencing these highly coherent brainwaves and harmonious heart
patterns, you can achieve those Flow States which will help you effortlessly gain confidence, vibrancy and creativity in all areas
of your life. Many health benefits, reversal of 2-day experiential event

16 and 17 May 2020, Sorø,Sat-Sun (9-5)
You are invited to join a group of seekers whowill be exploring the new frontiers of internal adventures! Learn how
HRV heart and brainwave coherence can visibly accelerate brain function, memory, focus and efficiency.
You will learn the secrets of NeuroAlchemy Flow and how to benefit from optimal neuroplasticity in your life.

Limited Group size
the aging process and enhanced cognitive function are clinically proven results of brainwave training.
Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck will offer you professional and inspirational guidance, to be able to experience truly wonderful awakenings of deep mind/body states that are surprisingly easy to do. This experience is recommended if you want to develop your skills in connecting with and helping other people achieve their highest goals, purposes and health. Donna and Gary have been teaching the secrets of high-performance, the personal harnessin of integral brain and heart energy proven to develop unlimited human potential for over 4 decades, have traveled internationally to 47 countries, and are popular workshop presenters both domestically and abroad.

With the unrelenting sole intention of educating and facilitating the a wakening of consciousness inside individuals and communitiesaround the world, Donna and Gary are spearheading a movement integrating awakened, present moment awareness, peak performance, optimal health, youthful living and optimal human potential in our modern world.

Who can benefit from this seminar:

• Coaches & Healers who struggle to avoid burnout from empathy fatigue
• High-Performing Executives who need to reboot & restore for optimal performance
• Soul seekers who are ready to find inner-peace and an intimate relationship with the Divine



16. maj kl. 9:00
17. maj kl. 17:00


Energipsykologi Danmark


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